Georg Reel

Motion Graphics | Visual
Georg Reel

Georg Reel

Georg "robot hand" came out from from the idea of creating new design concept for very familiar client. We had been asked to create new and catchy design upgrade, with unexpected and cutting-edge elements, but keeping the old good comprehensive brand identity.

It is always tricky and challenging to incorporate neoteric elements in existing conventional visual identity framework. That is where the experiment begins.
We managed to refresh and emphasize old style with futuristic lines, by playing around with textures and transparency, and adding a fancy fog to jazz up the atmosphere.
As a result, we made a great basis for creating different visual identity outputs, according to the new design concept.


Animation Coordinator: Ivana Zebic
Art direction, Animation, Compositing: Marko Katanic
Animation, VFX, Compositing: Lana Inic
Animation, Compositing, Editing: Nebojsa Mundzic